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About Sensible Gurus

Sensible Gurus has evolved. Founded on the pillars of tech expertise and innovation, we've journeyed through the landscapes of IT support and branched into a diverse portfolio of tech-driven projects and services. Gjeret Stein, the original Sensible Guru, leads SGurus with a vision to empower businesses and individuals through technology.

Our Partnership with SensibleRepairs

For IT Support and Managed Service Provider (MSP) needs, we proudly partner with SensibleRepairs.com. As the progeny of Sensible Gurus, SensibleRepairs continues the tradition of exceptional IT support under the guidance of a dedicated former team member, Chris. We believe in their mission and support them wholeheartedly.

Our Services and Ventures

Make Clients Count

Boost your business's reputation with our innovative review generation platform. Make Clients Count specializes in garnering authentic, positive feedback to elevate your online presence.


Shorten your links, track their performance, and enhance your marketing strategies with MKECC, our branded URL shortener tailored for savvy marketers.


Explore the ancient wisdom of Nordic Runes with our free Rune Reading service. Gain insights, find guidance, and connect with the mystique of runic lore.


The launchpad for cutting-edge websites and AI-assisted creations. Dive into the world curated by Gjeret Stein, the TechGjod, and explore the fusion of technology and creativity.

Cool Beans Marketing

From hosting to SEO analysis and website design, Cool Beans Marketing offers a full suite of services to amplify your digital footprint and drive growth.

Pretty Bauble

Hey, I even cut gemstones!